"Empowering Geosciences, Energizing Tomorrow"

Yogyakarta, August 22nd-27th, 2016

SAGSC 2016

Or South Asian Geosciences Student Conference

”Empowering Geosciences, Energizing Tomorrow”

is an International Geosciences student conference held by Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG). This is the second event of its kind in South Asia and SEG UGM-SC is trusted to be the host in 2016. SEG UGM-SC is located in Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. The event is managed to provide various technical and non-technical activities in the 3 days conference, 1 day trip, and 2 days post-conference seminars. There will be Grand Ceremony, Exhibition, Lectures, Conference, Competition, Geo Bowl, Field Trip and City Tour.

The event is an open event for geoscience students who want to focus on crossing the boundaries between all of the geosciences branches, Oil & Gas, Mining, Geothermal, Renewable Energy, Disaster Management, Environmental Issues, Economy & Politics, Geophysics, Near-Surface, and general Geology so they can share and furnish their ideas and curiosity while interacting with the experts, make relations and network, and many more. The SAGSC will consist of many extraordinary research topics within a very interesting student environment which enable students to carry out mutually beneficial work.

The SAGSC invites all potential sponsors to participate by supporting various specific events while also helping to build the capacity of young professional in geosciences and allied sciences for a better tomorrow.


"Dear geosciences students,

It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you to University Club (UC) Universitas Gadjah Mada within a few days, for the 2016 SAGSC. As the faculty advisors for SEG UGM Student Chapter we are very proud of the achievements of our students. Since 1996, the geophysics students of Universitas Gadjah Mada have been actively enggaged as volunteers in various scientific meetings and international exhibitions organized by HAGI and SEG. These positive students' activities, in 2005 formally established as an organization named  UGM-SEG Student Chapter. Every year, the activities increase in term of numbers, as well as in the quality. Geophysical Expeditions, SEG Geophysical Field Camps, SEG Honorary Lectures, leadership courses, SEG Annual Meetings are some examples of activities and events organized and or attended by our students. These long records of hard work and motivation are really appreciated by SEG through its support and commitment (financial and non-financial), and several awards. Acknowledged as Summit Student Chapter in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and The Best Student Chapter in 2014, the SEG UGM Student Chapter has been offered another challenge by SEG to organize the 2nd South Asian Geosciences Student Conference (SAGSC).

SAGSC is an international geosciences student conference under SEG's umbrella which focused on students from South Asia, Australia, and Oceania region. The 1st SAGSC was held in India in 2015. We know, based on that experience, how extraordinary interesting and successful was the 2015's meeting for undergraduate, graduate, PhD and post-doctoral students attending the meeting. On the other hand, geosciences have played a major role in human history and culture over multiple temporal and spatial scales. Geosciences encompass different sectors such as forming and influencing our earth and environment, geohazards, energy and natural resources, the modern landscape, and agriculture. Your 2016 conference's theme “Empowering Geosciences, Energizing Tomorrow” is the reflection of those important role and aspects of this field to humanity.  This is also the reason why an international students' conference in the field of geosciences is always a great challenge, not only for the contributors' own scientific work, but also for the entire human society.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the conference sponsors, and all the organizing and scientific committee members for their contribution to the organization of this conference. we hope that this conference will prove to be an inspiring and truly transformative experience for all of you.

Have a good trip to Yogyakarta and see you soon."

Warm regards,


Timeline SAGSC 2016

Timeline SAGSC 2016


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